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Nauti-dog Handmade

Buckle & Martingale Dog Collar Upcycle Program

Buckle & Martingale Dog Collar Upcycle Program

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Even though our collars are durable and made to last, we realize that all beautiful things eventually become too “well-loved”. Because we strive to be kind to our earth and seas, we are proud to introduce our Up-cycle Program, where we will take your previously loved Nauti-dog Handmade Buckle Collar hardware* and refurbish it with the fabric pattern of your choice! Simply select and purchase your desired fabric pattern, then mail your old collar hardware to our business address below** and we will turn it into a brand new collar!

*For safety reasons, only collars with metal hardware qualify for this program.

**We recommend including postal insurance, as we cannot be held responsible for items that become lost in the mail.

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