Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here! And here in Phoenix, it’s HOT! Here are a few tips to ensure your pup stays cool as a cucumber this summer:

  • Get grooming! A groomed dog is a cooler dog. Heavy or thick coats only serve to hold the heat close to the body vs. allowing the skin to cool. Many breeds of dogs are double coated, and while they may shed, if the dead fur is not properly removed by brushing or currying, it acts as a summer sweater.
  • Keep your pup out of hot cars. Cars… even WITH windows down, create a greenhouse effect. In minutes, your car can quickly become an oven! Never, ever leave your pup unattended in any vehicle when outside air temperatures are over 60 degrees unless the air conditioning is on. Even a running car with air conditioning MUST be monitored to ensure the air stays on and that your pup is cool and comfortable.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Just like we need water, so do our dogs! Always have plenty of fresh water. handy to ensure that you and your pup are properly hydrated during warmer weather.
  • Take early morning and evening walks. Always schedule outdoor exercise when temperatures are cooler and before the heat of the day, and ensure that you and your pup are properly outfitted for your excursions.
  • Protect those eyes, skin and feet!
    • Eyes: Did you know they make doggie sunglasses?! Here are a few of our favorite brands: Doggles, etc
    • Skin: Just like us, dogs DO sunburn! Especially dogs with white or lighter colored fur, and in the areas of their bodies (like their noses!) that have thinner or less fur. As with humans, you can apply sunscreen, however, you will always want to test an area first to ensure that your pup won’t have any sort of allergic reaction to your preferred brand of sunscreen.
    • Feet: Many people are quick to recommend doggie boots or shoes to protect their feet from hot pavement… Which—in theory—seems like a great idea… Until you start to consider the way dogs cool themselves. Yes, it’s true—dogs cool themselves by panting… AND they only sweat through the pads of their FEET! In thinking about that, does it make the best sense to you to put doggie shoes on them that trap the heat and sweat in? It doesn’t to us either… Best idea is just to wait until cooler temps to walk them and keep them inside when temps are hot.
  • Stick with shade. We get it. All of us run into those unfortunate circumstances where it’s too hot and our pups just NEED. TO. GO. If you MUST bring them outside, always protect those feet, eyes and skin by sticking with shade for those essential trips out like potties.
  • Practice water safety. If you have a pool, your dog MUST be taught to respect it. If your pup isn’t really into swimming, it’s not critical to force them into the water, but they must at least understand where the water is, and how to get out of it. Make sure they understand where all exits are and how to get to them. Use doggie life jackets until convinced that your pup is proficient at swimming and never EVER allow your pup to swim unsupervised!

Following these great summer tips will leave you and your pup feeling cool, calm and collected during the hottest parts of the year!

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