Dog Collar Safety Tips

Dog Collar Safety Tips

Proper care of your dog’s collar will ensure your dog’s safety and that it will last! Here are a few tips:

  • Dogs at play are safest when they’re nakey. This prevents mouths from getting caught under playmates’ collars and it adds wear and life to their collars as well!
  • When it’s time to wash, remove your dog’s collar, lay it flat and spray both sides with your favorite stain treater. Allow your collar to sit per the indications on the bottle, then wash on cold in a bag for delicates and dry flat.
  • Removing your dog’s collar while at home will prevent him or her from becoming stuck in odd places like heating vents and other sticky situations.
  • Check your collar hardware at least monthly to ensure proper function. Pay special attention to the buckle!
  • And never ever leave your dog’s collar on while crated due to the potential for hardware to become stuck in the wires.

These tips will maximize your pup’s safety at home and extend the life of your collar for years to come!

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